Publications By Dr. Sue Kingsley


Canadian and BC Life Sciences Asset Maps


Pleiades Promoter Project

  • Joint author: Simpson EM, Wasserman WW, Holt RA, Jones SJ, Goldowitz D, Ward S, Kingsley S. Pleiades Promoter Project: Genomic Resources Advancing Therapies for Brain Disorders. American Journal of Medical Genetics. In press. Presented at 14th World Congress on Psychiatric Genetics, Cagliari, Italy (October 28 - November 1, 2006) and the 56th Annual Meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (October 9 - 13, 2006).
  • NOTE: Pleiades minipromoters being successfully used in gene therapy research, e.g., Scalabrino et al. Intravitreal delivery of a novel AAV vector targets ON bipolar cells and restores visual function in a mouse model of complete Congenital Stationary Night Blindness.  Human Molecular Genetics, 2015.




  • Ghost writer for AHF Monitor (Newsletter of the American Herpes Foundation)
  • Ghost writer for Expert Opinion in Herpes (Newsletter produced by Cambridge Medical Publications)
  • Writer of chapter summaries and book outline for "Clinical Management of Herpes Viruses", eds. Sacks SL, et al, IOS Press, published August 1995.
  • Joint author (with Fiddian AP). Acyclovir cream - an effective therapy for cutaneous herpes simplex infections. In: Herpes Viruses And Virus Chemotherapy (ed: R Kono), 1985: 133-137. Elsevier Science BV
  • Joint author (with Yeo JM, Fiddian AP, Nebout T and Hantzperg M). Failure of acyclovir cream in treatment of recurrent herpes labialis. BR MED J, 1985; 291: 284.




  • Author: What''s new in the treatment of AIDS. In: Media Guide. Facts and Issues. XI International Conference on AIDS, Vancouver BC, July 7-12 1996
  • Ghost writer for company internal newsletters on HIV



Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • Author: Education and professional training: addressing some of the human resources needs of BC''s biotechnology industry. In: Biotechnology in BC 1997: 13-15. BC Biotechnology Alliance, BC.
  • Author: The position of far western Canada in world biotechnology. In: Canadian Biotechnology 1996 Directory (ed. F Haynes), 1996: 20-24. Contact International, Ontario.
  • Author: Human resources in BC''s biotechnology industry: strong on science, searching for more managers. In: Biotechnology in BC 1996: 13-15. BC Biotechnology Alliance, BC.
  • Ghost writer and editor of "British Columbia Biotechnology Profiles, volume 1", published 1993.Editor and writer (1992-1994) of The Biofax (newsletter of BC biotechnology community)




  • Medical writer and copy editor, Skin Therapy Letter (international newsletter for dermatologists)




  • Joint author (with Bell AM, Fiddian AP and Brigden WD). Sexually transmitted diseases in pregnancy. BR MED J, 1984; 288: 1456.
  • Joint author (with Bonney RC). Endocrinology of pregnancy in the orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) and its evolutionary significance. INT J PRIMAT, 1982; 3: 431-444.
  • Joint author (with Martin RD). A case of placenta praevia in the orangutan. VETERINARY RECORD, 1979; 104: 56-57.
  • Joint author (with Martin RD and Stavy M). Prospects for co-ordinated research into the breeding of great apes in zoological collections. DODO (Journal of Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust), 1977; 14: 45-55.



Reproductive Cycles

  • Joint author (with Peters AR and Riley GM). Plasma gonadotrophin responses in beef cows to progesterone plus prostaglandin treatment. THERIOGENOLOGY, 1981; 16: 259-269.



Development of Secondary Sexual Characteristics