Medical Communications Focus

We specialize in the following areas of communications. Representative projects are listed below.


  • medical/technical interpretation from medical meetings/conferences
  • details and summaries from internal scientific/clinical advisory boards

Stand-alone text composition and editing

  • for scientific publications (e.g., ghost writing reviews and original papers)
  • for newsletters
  • for research proposals
  • for study reports
  • for slide kits and training materials
  • for product and corporate marketing and informational materials

Medical marketing communications strategies

  • positioning
  • development of key clinical and commercial messages

Strategic publication planning and implementation

  • timely, audience-specific, controlled product data dissemination
  • development of relevant scientific publications and presentations

Please review our representative Medical Communication Projects and a list of Dr. Sue Kingsley's Publications. Many of our projects are listed below. (Disease specializations can be found on the Disease Specializations page.)

Medical Communication Projects

Strategic Communications

  • Developed recommendations for strategic communications for several major pharmaceutical companies.

Reviews and Original Papers for Scientific/Medical Publications

  • Ghost-writing many review and original contribution papers on herpes, warts, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, congestive heart failure, bipolar disorder, depression, migraine, for different authors and publications.
  • Substantive editing of original contribution papers on dermatology and herpes.
  • Writer of chapter summaries and book outline for “Clinical Management of Herpes Viruses”, eds. Sacks SL, et al, IOS Press, published August 1995; liaison between editors and publishers.


  • Produced comprehensive materialsinterpreting complex medical ideas, conference presentations, and scientific advisory board discussions, for internal company use, marketing, journal or newsletter publication.
  • Researching and writing marketing appraisals for many bio/pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies; therapeutic/business areas including cancer, asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer''s disease, multiple sclerosis, sepsis, psoriasis, hematology, dermatology, biotechnology, genomics, imaging, generic drugs.
  • Writing executive reports from pharmaceutical company external advisory group meetings, summarizing key research and development issues for higher management.
  • Interviewing personnel, analyzing data, and writing government reports describing the Canadian biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry, and offering recommendations for change.

Study Reports and Research Proposals

  • Clinical study reports on phase I, phase III, and phase IV clinical trials in infectious diseases.
  • Developing and writing the management, evaluation/reporting, implementation plan, and socio-economic benefits sections for large scale applications to Genome Canada for Genome BC; editingscientific text for initial application; editing scientific text for second major application.
  • Developing and writing the sections on management structure, socio-economic context, networking and partnerships, knowledge and technology exchange; and editing scientific text for a Canadian Bioinformatics Integration Network NCE application.


  • Longstanding ghost writer for The Herpes Monitor, a CME publication for the American Herpes Foundation.
  • Writing numerous reporting articles for general newsletters to the international medical community, e.g., Expert Opinion in Herpes, ICTAL (epilepsy), Medical Express Reports (sepsis); and for company internal newsletters on HIV and sepsis.
  • Previously writing and copy editing the Skin Therapy Letter (international newsletter for dermatologists).
  • Previously writing and editing the Biofax (newsletter of BC biotechnology community).

Product and Corporate Marketing and Informational Materials

  • Writing for company internal publications and sales force materials on epilepsy and bipolar disorder; educational slide kits on herpes.
  • Writing review articles for Media Guide of XI International Conference on AIDS; for various biotechnology publications; for International Sepsis Forum.
  • Producing copy for numerous promotional materials for biotechnology companies, CROs, conference organizers, financial houses.
  • Managing the production of the British Columbia Directory of Biotechnology Capabilities 1994, a publication listing information on all BC''s biotechnology companies.